Years of Aches and Pains

“Dr. Miller and Staff,

“After suffering with aches and pains in my back for years, I sought treatment from several medical doctors beginning in 1996. I was advised from various doctors that I had arthritis. After taking numerous medications for years, the problem never ceased. I am now convinced that their diagnosis of my problems were not accurate.

“In February of 2003 my wife read an advertisement in the newspaper in reference to Chiro-Med Health and Wellness Centers in Orland Park and Crestwood. The ad stated that they could treat my pain without medication.

“On my first set of x-rays, Dr. Miller pointed out a badly curved spine and pelvis that was out of alignment, because my right leg was 7/8ths of an inch shorter than my left leg.

“Dr. Miller evaluated the MRI taken by my previous doctors 3 years earlier and he pointed out the fact that the same curvature was showing. I am convinced I was getting the wrong diagnosis and treatment for eight years from regular x-rays, nuclear x-rays, and MRI’s from previous doctors.

“After explaining my options, Dr. Miller started therapy with me and the results were outstanding. I felt so much better.

“I am thankful to Dr. Miller and his professional staff for assisting me to be able to move my body in a normal fashion and finally be able to go up and down stairs without pain.

“Thank you very much!

Josiol M.”