Light plays an amazingly wide range of roles in supporting life on this plant, from the photosynthesis that fuels plant growth to the ways the sun’s rays help our bodies produce Vitamin D. But did you know that an amplified beam of light can actually help you recover from injuries more quickly and experience drug-free pain relief? Believe it or not, lasers can serve as a potent healing tool and wellness aid — which is why we’re proud to offer laser therapy as part of our pain management treatment options here at Orland Park Integrated Health.

The Healing Power of Laser Therapy

If you’re only familiar with medical lasers as precision cutting tools used in surgical procedures, you’ll be intrigued to learn that there’s another kind of medical laser that doesn’t cut, burn, or cauterize tissue. Rather, it passes right through the skin without doing any harm whatsoever. This kind of laser, commonly referred to as “cold” or low-level laser, operates on a different wavelength that surgical lasers. When directed onto the part of the body in need of pain relief treatment, this laser achieves some remarkable effects, namely:

  • ATP synthesis – The energized light of the cold laser triggers cells to synthesize more ATP (adenosine triphosphate, a substance necessary for cellular renewal and regeneration). The increase in ATP helps you heal from a soft tissue injury more rapidly.
  • Increased circulation – The laser has the effect of enhancing blood flow to and from the treatment site. This can aid healing by conveying helpful nutrients to the tissues. It also helps the tissues rid themselves of inflammatory substances and edema (swelling).
  • Pain relief – Laser therapy imparts a warm, pleasant sensation to the treatment site even as anti-inflammatory effects relieve joint pain, muscle pain, and other discomforts. It’s especially helpful for people with chronic pain conditions who cannot or should not take pain medications.
  • Nerve stimulation – Not only can laser therapy relieve pain, but it can also help restore and normalize sensation by helping damaged nerves heal themselves. Patients who have suffered traumatic injuries, including sports injuries, or are getting over major surgery will appreciate this benefit.

Laser Therapy from Our Orland Park Integrated Health Team

Our medical team at Orland Park Integrated Health in Orland Park, IL may prescribe laser therapy in conjunction with other natural, non-surgical techniques such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, or physical therapy, creating a personalized pain management and relief treatment and recovery plan for your specific condition and needs. We find that laser therapy can help patients suffering from personal injuries, spinal problems, neuropathy, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, acute soft tissue pain, and many other issues.

Laser therapy can even play a useful role in preventative care for overall wellness and health. By optimizing circulation, metabolic levels, and nerve function, this technique can have a beneficial effect on your overall well being, including immune response. If you’re interested in this pain management technique, give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our integrative medicine doctors and chiropractors.