Here at Orland Park Integrated Health, we understand how frustrating it can be to consistently live with chronic pain. Whether it be from a sports injury or something else, muscular pain can be difficult to deal with. That’s why we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of chiropractic care, physical and massage therapy, trigger point injections, and much more. We call this integrated healthcare.

Maybe you’ve heard of integrated health and medicine before, or maybe it’s new to you. Either way, you just might be curious about what this form of healthcare is and what all it encompasses. Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Today we’re going to discuss in further detail what integrated health and medicine are and how these practices are highly effective at managing pain throughout the body. Continue reading to learn more, and don’t hesitate to contact us at Orland Park Integrated Health if you have any further questions.

Integrated Healthcare Defined

Simply put, integrated healthcare is a practice of medicine that involves a high level of collaboration amongst health professionals. Instead of using a one-cure approach with each patient, integrative health solutions are dependent on the specific individual situation. Given their unique and specific situations, an integrative health doctor can collaborate with professionals in other medical fields of practice and can come up with a comprehensive plan to heal the root of the problem. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain and haven’t found a successful solution, then it might be time to turn to integrative healthcare.

There are immense benefits of this form of health and medicine. A more comprehensive in the approach to healthcare proves to be highly effective when looking at the connection between physical and mental health.

The benefits include:

  • A more enjoyable healthcare experience for you
  • A more effective way of managing and curing pain
  • A comprehensive approach to both the mental and physical aspects of health

The Benefits Of Integrated Chiropractic Care

The spine and back are central to your entire body. From relieving stress to improving your stress, you’ll feel a variety of benefits after visiting an integrated chiropractor. As part of integrated health practices, chiropractic care plays a large role in chronic pain relief and overall health. Whether you suffer from back or neck pain, or you’re experiencing earaches, sciatica, or even arthritis and joint pain, chiropractic care can provide relief and work toward overall healing. There are immense benefits to this practice, including the following.

Stress Relief

What is important to realize and understand about your spine and back is that it affects your entire nervous system. And when your nervous system is unlined or feels out of place, your stress levels can plummet and skyrocket. With an out of line or unbalanced back or spine, the stress you experience will be felt both mentally and physically. After getting routine chiropractic adjustments, you’ll notice that your stress levels even out. Your body will feel more balanced and your mind will feel more clear. With an adjusted back, you’ll be able to manage your stress normally.

Effective Sleep

It’s no secret that the health of your body affects your sleep. Insomnia and any type of sleep issue can be difficult to deal with, and generally speaking, the root of the cause can be stress and stress-related issues in the mind and body. As mentioned above, regular chiropractic care can provide stress relief, and thus, stress relief can offer a more sound, consistent sleep schedule. Not only that, but back pain can hinder a sleep schedule. Meeting with a chiropractor to find and fix the root of the cause through integrated methods can provide you with the deep sleep you’ve been missing out on for a while.

Improved Mood

The human body can easily become unbalanced. And an unbalanced body, like aforementioned, can cause both physical and mental stress, as well as poor sleep quality, which all in all can place a heavy damper on your mood. In order to balance the body and it’s chemistry, and thus, your mood, it’s important to see a chiropractor for routine adjustments. Whether you’re undergoing stress or are dealing with depression, the chances of your mood improving are high.

Better Posture

These days, the human posture is poor. From hunching over your computer at your work desk to bending your neck to stare at your phone, your spine can really take a beating. If you’ve been dealing with chronic back or neck pain, your posture may be the culprit. What’s the solution? Regular chiropractic adjustments can be of benefit to your entire body. You’ll notice that as your pain alleviates, you begin to stand taller.

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