Whether we are lucky enough to live pain-free as children or not, we generally end up with some kind of discomfort as we get older. Our bodies deal with a lot every day, and they break down over time. However, we don’t necessarily give our bodies enough credit. They can make a little help go a long way! The key is preventative maintenance. If you wait until you get injured or your pain becomes unbearable, you’re letting the damage get far more extensive than it needs to be There’s no reason to pay for expensive operations when you can keep problems at bay with affordable chiropractic care.

In our last blog, we discussed some clear signs that you need to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment. There are many reasons to get your spine tuned up, and as you will see, sometimes your lifestyle is reason enough. Read on!

Signs You Need a Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractics can help with a wide variety of issues. They can also defend your body against the wear and tear of daily life. Here are three reasons why you should give us a call for chiropractic care in Orland Park.

You spend most of the day sitting. 

If you stay in a chair for the majority of your workday, you aren’t alone. A majority of jobs require you to be tethered to a computer or a desk. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time sitting can be worse for your health than smoking, and your spine isn’t immune. Chances are good your ergonomics aren’t perfect, and even if they are, your posture will change throughout the day. Over time, your spine will start to struggle. You may even develop slipped or herniated discs.  Chiropractic adjustments can keep those struggles at bay by ensuring your spine is aligned correctly.

You have stubborn headaches. 

Headaches can happen for any number of reasons, including dehydration, oxygen deprivation, and malnutrition. However, they can also be caused by a misaligned neck or spine. The spine is a nerve highway, and when it gets out of whack, it can pinch nerves and cause terrible pain. Our chiropractic care can get your neck and spine back into alignment so the nerves are left alone and your brain gets healthy blood flow.

You experience sharp pain in your legs. 

Like many symptoms of spine trouble, this one is difficult to ignore. If you experience pain, tingling, or numbness in your legs, you may be seeing signs of a slipped disc or pinched nerve. When you come to us, we will carefully identify what is going on where and pinpoint our treatment to solve the issue.

Make an Appointment With Orland Park Integrated Health

Your body was made to function correctly. It’s as simple as that. The twists and turns of life can get in the way, but that is why we are here. Because the spine has such an impact on every other system of the body, we can help you access complete wellness with careful spine adjustments. Contact us for an appointment in Orland Park today!

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